I’m going to use this as an actual blog. Yay! After GDC, i’m going to start tuning this “site” into a blog slash jumping off point on me. Yes, i’m finally selling myself out. Come get me world! I’m a tough dude with attitude! A hero in no shell! A double dragon! A resident evil! A guitar hero! AND! A Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Yes, there is no point to all of this! And correct! None of that was funny. If anything, i buried myself as a geek. Man, do i suck at twelfth impressions…

I am going to remove nearly all of reviews and blog posts here. I’m going to have a page that will direct you to the site i volunteer write for.

But even before that, i have an issue with this guy:

Because his commercial is so popular, there has been a wave of mediocre commercials based on the same concept.

This is one example. Now if this was the ONLY ONE, i wouldn’t be so damn annoyed. I ask, “Are all the tastemakers drinking from the same glass?” What happened to corporations being terrible, brain washing us with simple slogans and jingles?

Eh, not much of a blog. Just a thought really.