As i procrastinate on writing some “piece” for a site, i had to take a break to speak about GDC09, which continues to be one of my favorite weeks of the year.  This year was no different, being a part of the Conference Associates (the CAs), i had some awesome privileges.  Including being able to stay in Moscone after hours playing Rock Band on a giant screen made for presentations about Programming and Math.  That’s the only extent that i wish to brag about, other things seem too dorky to even mention, as if the whole Rock Band thing wasn’t dorky enough (i was already called a Square for it…gah!).

For fun, a tournament was played and i placed 3rd in Drums.  That sucks!  Because it re-fueled my love for the Drums and my Rock Band Drum Set is broken.  Yes, BROKEN.  Well, kind of.  The yellow pad registers when it wants, and i am Pedal less.  The pedal has been an issue for a long time, since the first Rock Band in fact.  I guess i’m stomping too hard or maybe i’m generally too heavy, but i’ve gone through 5-6 pedals since the first Rock Band.  That’s from hours and hours of playing daily.  I still can’t get enough even when i’m not playing, we could blame this on the fact that i am IN LOVE with Harmonix (since Frequency), but i still look forward to every Friday as they announce next week’s DLC.  The fact that they are bringing the concept of Amplitude/Frequency back to handhelds with Rock Band:  Unplugged brings me to a happy place filled with stickered Fender Strats, beds with comfy pillows, massage chairs and the internet.

I might post some pictures here someday of GDC09, but i should go write something else for now, but before i go, i must confess my love for songs by a band called Journey.  I mean, i never cared about Journey enough to buy albums and nor do i download them (i don’t download, by the way), but they have developed songs that i think can be accurately called epic.  And one of those songs has made it to Rock Band this past Tuesday.  Check it out:

LOVE IT.  I can’t wait to get a new drum set!