I’ve been sitting and thinking about how to exploit myself for a job. At the same time i’m thinking if i should take advantage of that awesome Steam deal. The Orange Box for 10$. It sounds more appetizing now that i have a machine that can handle it. Yes, i have bought a new Laptop. A self proclaiming gaming Laptop. I know this because i asked it myself. All he did was point at the “reasonable” price and awkward sticker of Marcus Fenix, which i peeled off a day after ownership.

I already have The Orange Box for my Xbox 360. I also own the Soundtrack because of Audiosurf. I don’t know how much money i should be giving Valve for this awesome package of Video Games. I guess technically i didn’t give anything for the soundtrack. What’s weird is that i TRIED getting into Half Life 2, and i only slightly did i enjoy it. I kept with it even after The River and after Ravenholm. When the action took over the adventuring, i won’t lie, it was a great time to be had, but the time in-between is where i was dragging my feet. Essentially that’s what Half Life 2 was doing, in my opinion. I didn’t feel the pace. While it may be a cliche concept in Video Games to peak and valley in pacing, it works. I shouldn’t be speaking since i haven’t completed the Campaign, perhaps Half Life 2 is at it’s best during the climax. I just wish it like Weezer’s Blue Album, where the rest of the album is as good as the climax of “Only In Dreams”.

My true motive to purchase is Team Fortress 2, which by itself is double the price of the sale. Team Fortress 2 was a mess on the console side and i’ve always had an itch to play it. I have a little over 20 hours to think about this.  Time is ticking.  There’s actually a lot more factors to think about like the need of a mouse (which i’m not sure i have at the moment), and a table (which i don’t have in my room as well).

But, PC gaming, i’m ready for you.  So many good games or at least that’s what i hear.  I have a lot in my back log and a lot i am anticipating in the future.  Like Eskil Steenberg’s LOVE: